Green Smoothies: Introduce Greens into your Diet!

My sister and I, coincidentally enough, both have two toddlers.  So, we’ve had a lot of loud, tiring play dates.  But once the babies got a little older, we had more time to actually talk…  to each other.  About adult things.  We’d talk about work… I’d talk about football…  and she’d talk about the most recent organic, whole food book she’d found or feed me her latest purchase…  from organic chocolate treats she bought for the kids, juicing (which I talked about earlier) to green smoothies (which I’m going to talk about now!). 

I’ll be honest…  I had a hard time getting that first smoothie down.  It tasted…  green.  Just really green.  The only reason it was even remotely good was because it was cold (and it was over 100 degrees out)…  and I was drinking something without having a toddler in my lap…  or wrapped around my neck.  But after reading up on them a little (my sister gave me the “The Green Smoothie Revolution” by Victoria Boutenko – I highly recommend!), I learned a little bit more about what you should start off with and why. 

Why a green smoothie? 

  • Green leaves contain all the essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids we need (with the exclusion of B12)
  • Greens need to enter our systems in a liquified form due to their high cellulose level.  That can be done by either 1.) One Process:  Blending or 2.)  2 Processes:  Chewing followed by Mixing with Stomach Acid.   

My personal opinion?  Blending sounds more effective.  Plus, I’m a big fan of a meals that travel well.  Time is money.  If I can drive and eat my breakfast, or work and drink my lunch, I’m sold.  Well, as long as the taste buds are happy. 

And, green leaves contain fiber… which is extremely beneficial for cleaning out the toxins we build up.  Another bonus.  Definitely beats the fiber drinks my dad used to always drink!

And, if you start out easy…  more fruits and less greens…  it works better.  I never did ask what my sister put in that first one but I’m fairly confident there were no fruits to be found!  You slowly acquire a taste for the “greener” smoothie but it is NOT overnight.  At least, not for me.

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