Florida Moms: Losing the Baby Weight

Looking for a few tips?  I’m a work in progress, so I can only tell you what I’m doing and I don’t hold myself out as an expert!   But, after having babies (and the added benefit of two c-sections)  I’m coming to terms that the stomach (my problem area) will never again be flat.  Hmmm…  let me rephrase.  Given my lifestyle choices, it will never again be flat.  Now, if my to-do list ever runs low and I have excess hours to work out AND a personal chef to create fabulously tasty, healthy menu options for the family, then maybe my body will return to it’s pre-pregnancy state.  Until then, I will happily settle for “good enough” if it  balances a career, a family, and a work-out regime especially for mom! 

Remember my sister?  The “consumer”?  She knows no boundaries…  she’s tried every diet out there.  And she’s got the books to prove it.  Her favorite?  South Beach.  My favorite?  Hands down South Beach.  Why?  For starters, it was Miami cardiologist Arthur Agatston who found it because he wanted to “find a way for his heart patients to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.”  Love the “Miami” “healthy” and “sustainable” part of that! 

Basically, I love the whole idea behind South Beach – that it’s a “lifestyle change”.   The first two weeks of HELL (aka Phase I) actually do curb your cravings for sugar, etc.  Make no mistake, there will be no bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, fruit or (and this part really sucks) alchohol. 

The good news about Phase I is that it makes you so miserable that you’re jazzed when you get to slowly add back carbs, like “whole grain wheat bread” and fruit in Phase II.  To this day I more or less stick to Phase III of the South Beach diet (with the occasional indulgements, of course!).  It’s something that you can maintain pretty easily and appreciate because it does take some suffering to get to enjoy the benefits of Phase III!  

FYI, no…  I am not paid by South Beach!!  I’m assuming they won’t mind that I promote their diet!!  :)

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