Juicing… once you start you won’t want to stop!

My sister is what you call a “consumer”…  a very healthy, organic one at that!  Fortunately she has the means that enable her to research the new “trends”, buy all the necessary equipment to experiment with them and subsequently donate all products related to the failed experiments!!  I am extremely fortunate to be the recipient of knowlege (and equipment) gained from all her experiments!!  Her last success?  Juicing!  And what a success it is!!   Now, there are a lot of books on juicing…  I’ll just try and give you a brief overview of why you should think about trying it out! 

The first reason?  These drinks are wonderful.  As in, truly amazing.  A fantastic way to start the day!!  I was a little nervous to try the first one.  If you knew some of the things she’s made me try in the past you’d understand my caution!  Granted, some are better than others.  I prefer the fruits juices over the veggie ones… 

The second reason…  fresh juice provides the body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates and numerous other little treats much faster than actually eating the fruits and veggies!  It all has to do with the time it takes to digest…  drinking your fruits and veggies deliver all the nutrients immediately…  providing an all natural energy boost that’s way better than the coffees and energy drinks most of us use. 

The third reason is just an extension of the second…  anti-oxidants.  Vitamins A, C and E fight cancer, heart disease and the overall process of just flat out getting older! 

You don’t need too much to start…  I recommend a really good book that will walk you through the process.  My sister gave me “the big book of juices” by Natalie Savona, which I highly recommend.  (Granted, it’s the only one I’ve read so…  I guess I’m biased!) If you have a juice extractor, a citrus press and a blender you’ll be good to go on the majority of juicing recipes.  You don’t need to run out and buy the most expensive of all the gadgets…  buy the cheaper stuff first while you’re in the beginning stages!  It’s a healthy habit you can try out relatively cheaply…  which is always a bonus in my opinion!

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