Benefits of Exercise

We just want to take a minute to remind everyone the benefits of exercise. Really, we just want to motivate you to get going or get back into it (if you’re not already on a program). There are so many studies about the benefits of healthy eating, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and strength training. We KNOW exercise is good for us. It helps us maintain high quality long term life. We always tell people that the hardest week is the first week. The first day back into a program is the hardest mental day. Breaking the routine and making the decision is a big mental hurdle that is easy to procrastinate. But, we say the first week is the hardest because it is the hardest physical week as well (because you will likely be sore after that first workout!).

We believe exercise helps us reduce stress, sleep better, stay more alert and mentally ready as well as all of the physical benefits. Think about all of the toxins you help your body flush when your getting a good cardiovascular workout in and sweating healthily. Getting your heart rate up to appropriate levels (with are age dependent) has proven benefits to cardiovascular health. The rule of thumb is 70% of max heart rate which is calculated by multiplying .7 by maximum heart rate.

Maximum Heart Rate = 220-age

Target Heart Rate (30 minutes) = .7(220-age) 

Feel better, look better, sleep better and live longer! Please get some walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, rowing, sports, boot camp, workout videos or something that works for you. You have to make time. Whether you walk the stairs in your building at lunch or get up for boot camp at 5AM, we know you have time for some exercise and we are routing for you to do it!

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