Seeing Clearly

The ability to see clearly is extremely important. Obviously, it is important metaphorically and physically. In this article, we are just going to discuss the physical importance of seeing clearly. One of our big topics is preventative medicine. We firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While it is an over spoken phrase, we feel it is not heard often enough (but we will get into hearing clearly in a different article!) 

Though poor vision itself is not particularly harmful to anyone in the sense that your eyes are going to hurt you. However, not seeing clearly can be a cause of many physical injuries. Degraded vision can be amplified by things like lack of sleep, poor lighting and dehydration.  The people most prone to injury are people that have degraded vision but believe they are seeing everything clearly. This is commonly caused by missing check-ups with the eye doctor. It is extremely important to maintain the correct prescription for your prescription eyeglasses or contacts.

Some people may be thinking… how can this poor vision be harmful to my health? Consider driving with poor vision. Driving with at dusk, missing a gray car while making a left turn and realizing that you missed something when the car broadsides you car. Degraded vision can certainly be a contributing factor to car accidents and therefore cause serious harm. However, it can cause all kinds of minor injuries. People missing things on the floor or sidewalk can cause twisted ankles, banged up shins or other relatively minor injuries. But, the main point is that getting your vision checked is important.

Once you have checked your vision, you’ll want to find quality and less expensive prescription eyeglasses. A recent news article with WZZM 13 discusses the value of Zenni Optical. It might be worth checking out! They are acclaimed for providing high quality products at low prices by providing directly to the end user. So, get your eyes checked and get some inexpensive high quality eye wear. We don’t want you bumping into things because you are not seeing clearly!

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