Gator Bait

I have been thinking a lot about backyard chickens and how they might fare in Florida. Has anyone out there tried it yet? If so, please shoot me a email and let me know the pros and cons as you see it.

Obviously, the reason it is appealing to me is that you get to have free and fresh eggs whenever you want them. And, since it is Florida, you don’t have to worry about the weather getting too cold for the hens. Granted, people raise chickens in the mid west and they survive the winter just fine. But, it seems a warmer climate would eliminate hassles like having water dishes freeze and coops getting covered with snow!

I know of two sites that are really cool to share with you. First one is Green Roof Chicken Coops, which offers chicken coop plans for chicken coops that have gardens built into their roof. The other site is DIY Chicken Coops which helps with a bunch of free information related to building your own chicken coop and raising chickens.

Herb Garden Coop

Herb Garden Coop

My primary concern though is… Alligators! Don’t you think having a bunch of chickens running around in a Florida backyard might be inviting trouble? Sure, I’m sure the chances are low, but it would be a bummer to go looking for eggs and see an alligator had beat you to it!


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