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It is pretty widely known that smoking is pretty much the opposite of healthy. Since we are all about health, we take every opportunity to post new methods of quitting smoking. We understand that it can be difficult to quit smoking but we also know that it is definitely possible. We have never met anyone that regretted quitting smoking. Furthermore, everyone we know practically shouts it from the mountain tops in complete elation.

We know there are all kinds of methods out there from the patch to fake cigarettes. This product is a small mint-flavored lozenge. It seems remarkably convenient and might also help relieve the oral fixation that keeps people smoking. The name of this small mint-flavored lozenge is CIGRX. This link provides access to many reviews on the product: cigrx reviews. If you are considering quitting smoking or know someone that is considering quitting, it’s worth a look.

We know you have heard it all before but smoking causes all kinds of health risks including heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and lung disease. Heart Diseases caused by smoking may include coronary thrombosis, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, and high blood pressure. Over time, smoking may cause several kinds of cancer including lung cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer. The good news is that in 15 years the adverse effects of lung cancer can be reversed completely whereas a smoker would carry the same risk of lung cancer as a non-smoker (and lung cancer very rare in non-smokers).

Though lung, t and mouth cancer are cancers that are almost entirely prevelant in smokers, smoking can also increase the risk of other cancers such as: bladder cancer
cancer, cancer of the kidneys, pancreatic cancer and cervical cancer.

With all of the methods that help people quit smoking, if you are a smoker, we urge you to try quit! Furthermore, we would love to hear your success stories here!

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