Good Vision

There are few things that maintain quaility of life like good vision. We get about eighty percent of our information from our vision. Our other senses combined make up the other twenty percent of information we collect maintain general awareness of our surroundings.  

Unfortunately, as we get older, our vision generally deteriorates (with the rest of our body parts). There are many options on the market for improving vision. For starters, proper diet and hydration does help maintain maximum potential vision. Obviously, there are other factors that deteriorate vision but being dehydrated and long term deficiency in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Lutein can negatively affect vision. We highly encourage good eye health through proper diet. However, we know that even with a great diet, there are many other reasons out of our control that cause our eyes to degrade. 

There are many options to correct our vision back to the desired 20/20. The three options come down to: laser surgery, contact lenses and prescription eye glasses.

We are going to focus on eyeglasses because we wanted to share the secrets of Zenni Optical with you. They have redone their website and given it a new look but the real value is in the competitive styles at very competitive prices. A pair of glasses like the ones below can be purchased for under $16. Take a look! 

Of course, remember to keep eating your Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Lutein as well!

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