Spring Exercise Plan

Most people are starting to think about spring and summer. That means we are thinking about getting out of this baggy winter clothing and getting into slightly more revealing attire (like swim suits). Diet and exercise are on the mind of many people. Some lucky college students are getting ready for spring break! If you are looking for short term weight loss, you are likely considering some fad diets that shed pounds quickly (like the soup diet). For those that only have a week or two, we recommend exercising twice a day. Warm-up in the morning with a little cardio and then hit the circuit training hard. In the evening, finish up with a long cardio event (45 minutes) and some abs. There are several workout routines that can serve as substitutes for circuit training. Many on the market like P-90x and Intensity accomplish very similar goals to circuit training. The newer workout routines force explosive and muscle confusion. They’re are great workouts for total fitness.

Here’s a word of caution. If you are going to hit the gym twice a day and burn out your body daily, do not go on a diet that will significantly hinder nutrition. You are going to need protien. Now, we’re not saying not to diet. We are saying diet well. Anytime you are going to hit the gym twice a day, we recommend a balanced diet. If you are not replacingthe nutrients that you are using during your workouts, you are being counterproductive. It is critical to build a diet plan that is commiserate with your exercise routine. There are weight loss tips all over the internet, in magazines, on television and in the newspaper. Do a little research about what you are doing to your body. Please do not just take the advertiser at their word. At the end of the day, a balanced diet with portion control and a steady exercise routine is the key to long term fitness.

Live a little, live on fire
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