Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to living well, maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way to having a long life with high quality of living. While being overweight not necessarily the direct cause of health problems, it is often the indirect cause of many. Heart disease, diabetes, and joint pain can be a side effect of being over weight. Furthermore, being over weight, can cause mental health issues like low self esteem and depression. In short, there is a lot of truth to the concept of being sound in mind, sound in body.

We are not going to tell you which diet plan to use. Part of me still remembers the sign in my Grandmother’s kitchen that said, “Diet is a 4 letter word.” So, the trick is to find a diet that is more of a lifestyle change. Sure, there are fad diets and the fad diets might be great for jump starting your weight loss but over the long run, the goal is to find something sustainable. So yes, if you need to jump into a bathing suit for vacation and you want to shed 10 pounds, go ahead and try the three day tuna diet or the soup diet! However, our best advice for sustainable long run weight loss tips is to find a diet and exercise program that you are happy maintaining as a lifestyle. Some people have found the South Beach Diet to be a good guide. Some people like the ease of Nutrisystem. At the end of the day, you just have to pick what is right for you because the truth is that if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work!

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