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We are all about promoting balance. Mental and physical balance. In our “about” section, we mentioned that we plan on bringing creative ideas to you. Well, this is one of them! It the rat race that is modern day living, many of us are looking for a break from cell phones, internet, texting and constant over communication. We are almost addicted to it. It’s crazy how plugged in the world has become in the last 20 years.

Even more ironic is the trend for people to go back to nature. One of the movements in this flock back to nature is backyard chickens. Chickens are some of the most efficient creatures on the planet for their ability to eat very little and subsequently be an excellent resource for food specifically in egg production. So, we did a little looking around and really loved the “Green Roof Chicken Coop”. We like the concept of a garden and chickens. We can picture our readers getting outside at sunrise, letting their chickens out and watering their garden.  Then, coming back at sunset to round up their chickens safely into the chicken coop, collect some organic eggs and water their garden again. What a great escape from being plugged in!

There are all kinds of chicken coop designs out there to fit your style but the main point is that backyard chickens can create a great counter balance to a highly technical world as well as providing some great organic eggs in the process!

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