Chronic Diseases in Florida

By definition, Chronic Diseases are recurring problematic health conditions. They cannot be prevented by a vaccine and are not able to be cured by medication. These diseases are become part of life for people that live with them. Chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The good news is that the symptoms of these diseases can often be treated and quality of life can be maintained at a high level. That being said, it is important to understand that these chronic diseases (heart disease, cancer and diabetes) account for the death of 7 out of 10 people in the United States. These diseases affect the quality of life for approximately 90 million people in the United States. For 1 out of 10 Americans, quality of life is severely reduced causing major limitations in activity. For Floridians, according to 2007 statistics, 1 out of 3 deaths were caused by heart disease and stroke.
Why do we bring these facts up? Because…. for many people, these chronic diseases are preventable with proper diet, moderate exercise, avoiding tobacco products and scheduling routine check-ups with your doctor. Our goal is to find resources that promote healthy lifestyles and cutting edge medicine.

Minimally invasive heart bypass surger is certainly one such example of cutting edge medicine. You can learn about the multiple forms of minimally invasive heart bypass surgery (by clicking on the link) and how they may be more beneficial than traditional bypass surgery.

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