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Chronic Diseases in Florida

By definition, Chronic Diseases are recurring problematic health conditions. They cannot be prevented by a vaccine and are not able to be cured by medication. These diseases are become part of life for people that live with them. Chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Continue reading

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Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to living well, maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way to having a long life with high quality of living. While being overweight not necessarily the direct cause of health problems, it is often the indirect cause of many. Heart disease, diabetes, and joint pain can be a side effect of being over weight. Furthermore, being over weight, can cause mental health issues like low self esteem and depression. In short, there is a lot of truth to the concept of being sound in mind, sound in body.

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Healthy Living Ideas

We are all about promoting balance. Mental and physical balance. In our “about” section, we mentioned that we plan on bringing creative ideas to you. Well, this is one of them! It the rat race that is modern day living, many of us are looking for a break from cell phones, internet, texting and constant over communication. We are almost addicted to it. It’s crazy how plugged in the world has become in the last 20 years.

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Sun Safety

Many people love the sun. Many of us like to be tan and, for most of us, the warmth of the sun makes us happier. However, as you probably know, the sun can cause damage to your skin. Just one bad burn can result in enough mutation to cause squamous cell carcinoma down the road. What are we saying? Wear sun screen! Reapply sun screen! Put sun screen on your children!

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