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Benefits of Exercise

We just want to take a minute to remind everyone the benefits of exercise. Really, we just want to motivate you to get going or get back into it (if you’re not already on a program). There are so many … Continue reading

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Seeing Clearly

The ability to see clearly is extremely important. Obviously, it is important metaphorically and physically. In this article, we are just going to discuss the physical importance of seeing clearly. One of our big topics is preventative medicine. We firmly believe … Continue reading

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Fun way to eat spinach

Well, my 5 1/2 year old daughter ate all of her spinach tonight, so I thought I would share the recipe. Since it is kid friendly, and based on one of the best veggies around, why not… right? Thaw 3 … Continue reading

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Sun Tan Lotion

This is just a simple public service announcement… Since it is now Spring time, and hopefully all of the lousy weather is behind us… make sure to get back into the habit of applying the sun screen in the morning. … Continue reading

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Gator Bait

I have been thinking a lot about backyard chickens and how they might fare in Florida. Has anyone out there tried it yet? If so, please shoot me a email and let me know the pros and cons as you … Continue reading

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Quit Smoking

It is pretty widely known that smoking is pretty much the opposite of healthy. Since we are all about health, we take every opportunity to post new methods of quitting smoking. We understand that it can be difficult to quit … Continue reading

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Good Vision

There are few things that maintain quaility of life like good vision. We get about eighty percent of our information from our vision. Our other senses combined make up the other twenty percent of information we collect maintain general awareness of our … Continue reading

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Spring Exercise Plan

Most people are starting to think about spring and summer. That means we are thinking about getting out of this baggy winter clothing and getting into slightly more revealing attire (like swim suits). Diet and exercise are on the mind of many people. Some … Continue reading

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When it comes to getting bills from a doctor’s visit, it can get pretty confusing pretty quickly. It is important to understand that just because you are in your doctors office does not mean that office is the only entity providing a service. You must consider lab work, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and specialists. In rare cases, your primary physician may take on the billing for all of the services but usually the bills are all handled through insurance. Your insurance will pay the various providers and then provide you an EOB or Explanation of Benefits. Then the various companies involved will all send bills to you. So, when you pay the co-pay at the doctor’s office visit, it doesn’t end there!

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Self Pay Patients

We wanted to take some time and focus on medical insurance in comparison to self pay patients because many people get their credit destroyed by medical bills. In later articles, we will also delve into medical insurance, co-pays and the seemingly endless number of bills that can accumulate from one visit to the doctor. In that regard, it is very important to think of your doctor as a store front offering many products by many different manufactures just like your local supermarket.

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